Best ways to prevent nails from splitting

First off, go back in time and get parents with good genes, not like mine.  My nails look like they got tore up in a wood chipper.

Heaven has no plans for nails like these.

One horrible string of events from birth, I say.  I was going to be a model, then I got short and fat.  So I said, I’ll be a foot model, then it turned out I had overlapping toes.  So I said, Jesus, please Lord God, let me be a hand model, then I got these nails that look like a riverbed.

Very depressed today.

I had a box of ashes of a dead family member in my house until yesterday.

Processing emotions of death brings up the deaths of other people that I really liked, and wouldn’t have minded keeping their ashes in my house.

Also, popped a hemorrhoid in a freak accident.

Bye for now,



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